What I do

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What I do best is to turn the invisible into the obvious. I’m the most useful on projects that are a mix of business, product design and communication. These are sometimes grouped under “Strategy”, depending on which industry the client comes from. 

In the past, I’ve helped people and companies with this:

  • Transforming a vague business idea into a coherent concept that attracts customers and convinces investors;
  • Untangling a mess of digital products and organizing them under a strategy with a clear direction;
  • Organizing a specialist’s expertise into a method that can be taught, licensed and commercialized;

How I think

Although I’m very fortunate to have found a career that rewards voracious curiosity, I can’t say it was a complete accident. For as long as I remember, I’ve been interested in the world at large, with a soft spot for the why and how of things. In the past couple of years, I’ve worked to direct this eagerness to learn into an occupation and business. 

Topics that always make their way into my reading and studying are: Product Design, Management, Strategy, Politics, Forecasting, Systems and Complexity Thinking, some Economics and Psychology. I also harbor a growing interest in Marketing, selling and persuasion in general.

I believe that in knowledge work a professional’s own perspective is as relevant as the more specific skills they bring to the table. I took a few minutes to describe my general point of view. You can read it here.

As a bit of an experiment, I’ve started to map my interests and proficiency levels on a mind map. You can find it here.

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Who I’ve worked with

I’ve done work at and for the following companies:

Where I am

I use twitter to catch up on what fascinates me, you can find me here.

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I get my email at: Joao at ImagemMental dot COM dot BR